37059... Eight more days of writing to go

My neck is better today. Still a bit limited, but not making me cry. I'll keep icing and will try not to spend too much time at the computer today.

I need to start bringing the story threads together and weave them into a coherent ending soon. The advice in "No Plot? No Problem!" is to get all the major parts written by the end of the 30 days and do any leftover fleshing-out in the editing process. I think it would feel better to do that, too. To have brought your characters to a conclusion. I'm rather far from that, actually, so I need to let go of some details and 'write down the bones,' as Natalie Goldberg has put it.

One patient today (and ONLY one, with any luck) and then I'm all about cooking, writing and painting.

Life is good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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