Novel Progress

6360 words, my friends. This I've learned: Writing a novel leads to flat-butt. Serious flat-butt. I'm going shopping for a cushy chair tomorrow.

My characters are charming me. They glance toward me every so often and wink. I think they may have something wicked in mind, actually. I suppose I'll find out in Chapter 7.

Painting tomorrow.
No, really.

I'll show you what I painted tomorrow evening.


Sharon said...

Out of the gate and going strong. Jocky Susan hitting her stride!! Woohoo, headed towards Nov. 30th. WTG

Becky said...

A couple of hours a day, right? And now you have an excuse for the multiple personalities! Go, Susan, Go! Bheckle

Elizabeth. said...

Dear Susan,
I happened upon your blog & found your art to be absolutely beautiful.
I'm also interested in the novel you're writing.
I have been saying " I've gotta book in me!" for the longest time.
I guess I should let it flow.
...Not sure where to start...have so many ideas, experiences, dreams to write about...