Four Small Landscapes

I've just completed three days of learning to love painting landscapes under the kind, discerning eye of Myra Knapp.
These aren't the best images.... taken under fluorescent light of wet paint... but I had promised to post them, so here they are. The framed one is 8"x6", and the others are 10"x8" all on panel.
I'm very pleased with what I learned and can't wait to put it to good use in the next landscape.
Sure enjoyed the good company of the other workshop participants this weekend.

Now I need to catch up with my word count quota on the novel., in case you want to jump in and write like crazy, getting 50,000 words down by the end of November.
I've met someone locally, Terrie, who has well over 38,000 words already! Blows my mind.

Go make something, ya'll.

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