Catching you up

Ok, so I'm just past the halfway mark of my 50,000 words goal. Trouble is, we're three days past the halfway mark of the month. Deficit. Where have we heard that word recently? The good news is my friend, Karen, had drawn some new connections and directions I hadn't imagined for my obedient characters. Bless you, Karen! Most of them are still being way too good, but at least some horrid things have happened to a couple of them.
I've painted a lot, as well. A double portait commission in oil. A miniature dachshound in oil. Today was a good day at Coppini- two small portraits. I listed on eBay a painting I did two years ago and loved so much I hadn't been willing to let it go... the girl resting on her schoolbooks.
I'm beginning to get some kind of grip after an unexpected reaction to Texas' vote regarding Proposition 2. It was a bit like going to Mexico without thinking to shield one's tender soul in preparation for the level of poverty. I woke up to the results of Proposition 2 and hadn't prepared myself for the quantification of the level of hate in this state. It hit me hard. There are people in my sphere who are going to have to go. Indiscriminate niceness on my part is a thing of the past. If you voted yes on Prop. 2, cut and run now. It isn't going to be pretty.

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