Back to painting!

So far I've just been finishing some starts I'd made, but it's good to get a brush wet again.
Thank you for the nice comments, folks! I still break out in happy dancing to think of getting those 50,000 words written in November (yes, you'd be embarrassed for me if you caught me at it!). I'm going to give the writing a rest for a few days then get back to it until it's done. Then Steven King says (in his book On Writing) to let it sit for 6 weeks or so before beginning the editing process. So, well, he's the King, so I say yessir. Six weeks it is.
I listed a couple of precious still life paintings on eBay today. They're scheduled to go on around 7:45 if I've figured correctly since you have to do it Pacific Standard Time. They're both ones I did after the photo session Becky and I did with her vintage pitchers and crockery and my fruit and sunflowers. Very tight and detailed. I love them. But eBay had a half price sale on the "Featured Plus" option which puts your painting in the first few pages vs. buried in the back 100. I figured this overly-frugal artist would use it as a sign to list them in auction.
Another thing I'm doing these days is putting my CDs on the computer so I can upload them to my way-too-much-fun new toy... my photo iPOD. Yes, I've become one of those people. Right now the music from the Garden State soundtrack i s playing and I've got happy ears.
There's a sale on a four day cruise to Cozumel out of Galveston January 16 for $219. in case some fun artist friend out there wants to go on a painting trip with me. It's a one-day sale, so speak up fast!

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