Past 30,000!

30515, to be exact. Less of a deficit. 1168 behind. I'll make it up tomorrow and try to be ahead from here on out. The story is getting stronger, the characters more interesting. To me, that is. Who knows about to anyone else. Can't think about that at all.

Got to spend good time with Kim and Bob today. Listed a small painting. One ends tomorrow evening. Showing the eBay ropes. The few I know, anyway. Looking forward to more time with both of them. Good, good folk.

Harry Potter tomorrow. A deserved break to be simply spectator, absorber, enjoyer. Mmmm.

To sleep, perchance to dream.


Sharon said...

Great for my question, do you do chapters and page breaks while doing a writing marathon? Of course, I am interested in reading this novel! Does it have a name?

Becky said...

I know you've been painting, so post the photos already! Your fans want to see ALL you've been up to. And how about some sketches of illustrations for this bed book?