Painting landscapes... a new love.

I did keep trying. I have to seriously give myself credit for that. And today it happened. I got it. I got why it's exciting. I got why it can be as challenging as a portrait. AS A PORTRAIT. A place, a simple representation of a place, can evoke strong emotion. The rhythm of the elements and the color harmony or disharmony can stir a person. Wow. I was a portrait chauvanist, I'm ashamed to admit. I see the light. Literally. The light washing across a field, being interrupted by a copse of trees and continuing just beyond can be breathtaking. I've painted three small landscapes in the last two days and have gotten the pounding heart and rapid breath which let me know I was completely involved. Old dog. New trick!

I'll post those and perhaps another tomorrow. The girl's cookin'! Can't wait to show you.

Go make something.


Becky said...

Who is this person? Where's my Sooz?

Sharon said...

Cool...being in the zone..wonderful!!