Novel Writing Progress Note

This is a copy of a comment I left tonight in the San Antonio forum on "Well, it's a good thing I don't work for someone else. I'd have been fired today. I've logged many hours in this chair today. This writing thang is very seductive. These people I've created are starting to do things on their own. I had a little taste of this experience when I used to do "Sim City" back when it came on floppy disks. Most of you can't remember back that far, I realize. I would build this town and the Sims would move in. Then I wouldn't be able to leave the computer because I worried about them. I was responsible for them. Sure, they would slam me, their faithful Mayor, in the polls. My popularity would wane for unfair reasons like fires and crime rates that they were causing, not me. But I worried about them, my little Sims. I eventually had to wipe them out and erase the program from my computer in order to be free. Hey, if this writing thing is going to be anything like THAT, what the heck am i doing? Need sleep first. Will think about that tomorrow."
Actually, I'm absolutely absorbed. So far, so good.
Nighty Night.

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