Still more

I liked the look of this last fellow in the row right from the first time I saw the photos, but there's very little in the way of detail in the photo, just posture and gesture. There's someone on his far side, but all you see of her is hair and jeans. Getting the podium and strap barrier in was long hard work surprisingly. Also worked on the hand of the woman holding the red cup. More to go. Much more. I think I'm saving the young woman on the far left (not shown in this crop) for last because I think I'll enjoy what her hands and the bag do for the overall painting.
Today I painted in oil at the Coppini. That's it for me. Yet another painting of a woman posing with a flower. There's quite enough of that stuff in the world. It's always good to practice painting from life, but the subject matters. I'm self-important enough that I feel responsible for what I put into the world. So, I'll arrange my own models or share with individual artists.
I'm going up to Marble Falls tomorrow evening at Kim Roberti's invitation to check out a new surge of interest in art there spearheaded by an architect there. They're starting out with a "First Friday" monthly event with music and visual arts. I'll let ya'll know what I discover.
'Night folks.

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kaye said...

I love the colors, so rich and bold. The man is intreging to me, I wonder what is on his mind. Can't wait to see the finished product.