It's Done! It's been submitted! Yea!!!!


I've sent the file on to the exhibition chairperson who will forward them all to our judge this year- Susan Ogilvie

We'll be notified which paintings got in to the competition and those we deliver to Austin on March 5th. So I have time to get these framed. I submitted this one- "Morning Flight", the one of Libby's living room I call "Her Grandmother's Chair", and the one of my nephew Jake swimming underwater, called "Submerged Dreamer." I submitted that one in reaction to it being rejected last year by our judge, Doug Dawson. Nice man, flawed ideas. He told me to only paint young beautiful women and old grizzly men, as that's all that really sells. In reaction to that I painted the large, 'ordinary' woman reading in the library and got first place in Pastel at the Coppini in October. So there! (Did you see the fists on hips and the stamp of the foot?)

Well, now I need to put my house back in order. I have a stack of dishes in the kitchen, laundry on the sofa and a guest room to excavate in order to welcome an overnight guest on Friday. This painting took over my life the last week or more. Anyway, thank you all for cheering me on. Kisses and hugs to you all.


Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

Susan, this is really wonderful! Wish you all the best with it, and the others, in competition. And I do like "Morning Flight" for the title. Speaking of "what sells," I had a gallery owner tell me recently to "paint water. People love water." He said any works with water--streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, water falls--outsells the rest. Just food for thought. :-)

Rita said...

Wow Susan!!
This is so awesome! (I don't know why but when you described it I was picturing people standing in the line to get on board)I absolutely love the "outhwest" and how its kind of shiny with those colored reflections going on in it! I love the cello, and the girl's arm in the white sweater, and all those other little subtle directional cues to keep the composition so incredibly INTERESTING! I could look at this for hours. Kind of like a Kathleen Cook still life. You're going to get something good for this one I can feel it!!

(I also really envy your time and consistancy with the Blogging thing. If I had a second life apart from the kids, etc, I'd really enjoy keeping a Blog of my own. Don't be discouraged when you don't get a lot of comments. I'm sure a lot more people are enjoying the reading than are able to respond! ... keep it up! :-)