I got word today that all three of my entries in Austin Pastel Society's annual member's exhibition got in!!! I'm doing a pastel portrait demo for APS on Thursday evening.

Tonight I worked more on the little 12"x12" oil-on-canvas painting of Morgan which I'd started during a portrait demo in Seguin last week. The camera sure does odd things to the colors sometimes. The pink of the lips shows up far brighter in the photo than the painting, for instance. Still have lots to do on the hands and the book, but the face is fairly far along. I'll look at it again tomorrow and see what needs tweaking.

Watched History Channel's program on Lincoln while painting tonight. Well, listened, mainly. Fascinating stuff.

The big brush pick up for our neighborhood is Monday, so I worked long and hard this afternoon cutting back all the dead branches and old growth on salvias and coneflowers and, well, anything that needed cutting. The pile by the curb is enormous. I'd gotten indoctrinated in the "wisdom" of replacing lawn with native plantings with the thought of reducing the use of water and energy. HA! The plantings have taken far more water and attention than I ever gave my grass. What a crock. Chopped down an ugly tree, too, while I was at it.

My sister sent an email today from Africa on her first day there. I'm so proud of her for going and reconnecting with her childhood friend, Sandow, there. What an adventure!

Will work more on the the little painting of Morgan tomorrow and maybe start on a larger painting for entry into San Antonio Art League's annual exhibition. I have an idea for it. Will see how it goes.

'Night all!


Becky said...

Oh,look! Suzy Q let us back into her big, full world two days in a row! Love it! I remembered you sent emails out with the finished Morning Flight and I responded to that rather than make an entry here. Did you get the email?

As a Master Gardener, my experience with native plants has shown me that lawns are a whole lot easier to maintain than planting beds. I do like the look and feel of planting beds, especially blooming plants and trees. But they are so time consuming to keep them looking nice. You can set a sprinkler up on the lawn or put in-ground sprinklers on a timer. But the plants in beds need individual care year round. Not for the faint of heart. But, chopping down trees is not for a woos either!
love your life-stuff, Becky

Susan Carlin said...
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