Decided on the title of this one... "Morning Flight." Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Ok, I'm getting closer. Time to start on the 'outhwest sign. Think I'll leave out the No Smoking sign... just to keep it all as positive as possible. May have to turn it upside down to keep the rain of dark pastel from leaving tracks on the people. Small prayer: Let me remember what sort of time this painting is taking when I consider anything else so detailed. Amen.


Maddy said...

You are amazing! Gorgeous,
glorious, beautiful paintings-
they look like they are MOVING!!!

Jo Castillo said...

Susan, the airport painting is amazing. You get better and better. Inspiring, you do so much. Thanks for sharing.

John Hall said...

The painting of Susan's that I am most familiar with is "Flying Cowgirl". The young gal with the strap over her shoulder, with the blue-handled, white/red striped bag reminds me (in her facial features) of the Cowgirl. I think of her as a younger sister or cousin of the Cowgirl.

I also like the way that many of the people are portrayed looking to the side or away--that is the reality of such a scene.