Sketch of new painting.

Hmmm. Well, after pondering much and arranging, then rearranging possible elements, I've sketched out a new painting to be done from photos I took in a Mexican restaurant in October. I felt like a spy taking these photos but was afraid that if I asked permission, the fellow with the hat might change his posture. I was so taken by his classic look. The fedora, the beard, the cigarettes in his pocket, the eating lunch from the huge serving-bowl type caldo bowls. The backlighting and the contrast of the young couple to the workers in the foreground, all made it interesting to me. In taking the photo, I got a close-up of Kim Roberti's plate and crumpled paper napkin and think it might be interesting to just include them. Anyway, this is the next project. Will post images as I go. This will be a pastel on 24"x18" Kitty Wallis sanded pastel paper.
Sweet dreams, friends.

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