Many more hours later.... Still many more to go, but it's shaping up. Worked on the group in the left background and refining the foreground group.

Tomorrow morning I'm doing an oil portrait demonstration in Seguin and need to spend some time putting my supplies together and deciding what image to paint.

The gathering in Marble Falls was very nice. Met some good people and got to spend time with Kim and Bob. Got stopped for speeding on my way back through Bulverde. Sigh. But the nice copper gave me a ticket for my expired vehicle inspection sticker rather than for speeding. Ain't that sweet? Got my inspection yesterday and will clear up the matter this week. Been a long time since I'd seen those bright lights blinking just for lil' ol' me. At least I don't have to sit through defensive driving school. Whew!

Nighty night ya'll.


Becky said...

How about something simple like "Waiting to Board"? This one's another winner! Becky

Susan Carlin said...

That's an excellent suggestion. I think that might be IT.
You're good, Girl.

Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

You are progressing very nicely Susan! You may have said...but what size is this?

Sharon said...

This painting is so cool. When is it due to be delivered to the show?
Will give you a call when I know I have some free time.
At least your ride back from Marble Falls was better than mine from Kerrville. Baby Truck was towed to San Antonio!