Whew! Done with the Flower Girl tonight.

Of course, I may wake up tomorrow and see something to change, but right now, at almost 1 a.m., I think I'm done. This oil painting is 18" x 18" and done on stretched canvas.
Her little face has been such a pleasure to paint. I can't wait to see the painting come alive again under its varnish in a couple of weeks.
I've been kept company tonight by Charlie Rose, Tavis Smiley and now America's Ballroom Challenge on PBS. Lee Ann Womack before all that on Soundstage. Wish I could've had a conversation with a real person, but the TV fills in when I paint so late.
Any night owls out there who might want to talk on the phone some night when I paint.... let me know! I'll put my headset on and we'll chat.


Susan Borgas said...

Susan I have been following this painting with great interest and the final outcome is delightful and you should be very proud of yourself. Sleep tight, you have earned it!

Jo Castillo said...

Wow, so nice. I haven't commented every day, but you know I'm watching you. I'm a late night person, ususally on the computer instead of painting. Don't see well at night, but that might give me a more painterly look. Right? Drop me an e-mail when you are up late and I'll call you, we can talk. :)

william wray said...

nicly done, holding the finger is a nice touch.