New pastel... and still more on the flower girl

Pastel class was today. Did a fun still life of objects I'd brought in and placed on the floor. It was a loose, bright welcome detour from the flower girl. I know I'm spending a lot of time on this one.... just want it to be something good. Still need to work more on the lower hand, but have done quite a bit more on the upper hand and Dad's hand and some on the suit. Also on the shadow side of the dress.
Hang in there. I'll be done soon.
I hope.


Karen said...

I love the colors on that pastel! While your work has a definite consistency (it all looks like yours), you continue to surprise me. Good stuff, Susan.

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, Karen. I always wonder if my work has a "look" which identifies it as mine. I see such variety among my paintings and enjoy it all. Glad to have surprised you. Susan