Revision of Sadie

My canvas shipment still didn't come in today, so I reworked some of this little portrait for my friend Karen. I moved Sadie's nose and mouth up just a fraction. We'd both looked at the first version and agreed that I'd gone a little long with her button nose. I like this better.
Pastel class was today and we discussed something that had been on my mind over the last several days. Criticism. How we offer it, how we handle it, when it's out of line, when it's useful. Twice over the last couple of weeks I've received detailed unsolicited criticism (once from a complete stranger and once from a local artist acquaintance) which felt impertinent and unwelcome to say the least. I much prefer to invite critique from those whose eye I respect and only when I have a specific problem I'm working to resolve. I realize I will have to handle this issue with rude or thoughtless people over the course of my career as an artist and should be prepared with words to silence them quietly and quickly. It makes me value even more my beloved artist friends who have some social skills as well as their artistic skill. Bless them!
I can't wait to start this next painting. I'm fairly chomping at the bit.

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