Doing the Happy Artist Dance

Pastel Class was today. My verbal editor was nowhere around and I found myself saying every ornery thought that flitted through my head. But we all painted like crazy and sang Bee Gees songs together as we painted. I love those guys.
Went right from class to the dentist to have a molar extracted (a barbaric, brutal experience, I might say.) I came home to find a postcard from the San Antonio Art League saying my "Morning Flight" pastel painting had been accepted and has gotten an award. Now, knowing what that award may be will have to wait until the reception on April 1st. This will be the first year I've gotten to attend the reception as it's always been on the same date as the one for the Austin Pastel Society's exhibition. My loyalty to APS has taken precedence those other years, so I'm looking forward to being at the SAAL Museum for the festivities! Cheek and jaw throbbing, I'm smiling on the inside.
Tomorrow I find out if either "Evening Comfort" or "Holding On" were accepted into the Salon International. I'm trying not to have my hopes up, but I still have a thread of hope..... and I'm hanging by a thread.
Tomorrow is also my day to paint with Donna and Mary. I may whine and moan all the while about my assaulted mandible, but I'm going to paint, By Golly!
Karen has taken good care of me this evening and filled me full of Vicodin, then Ibuprofen and Pina Coladas. Ice pack on, ice pack off. Ice pack on, ice pack off. My brain-spin got me back up to check email and to post this entry. Now, to sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream.


Jo Castillo said...

Morning Flight is a winner! Cool. It will be a good spot, I am sure. You will no doubt get in the other show as well.

Sorry about the tooth. That is my most unfavorite thing in the world and I get clammy just thinking of you being at the dentist. I'm thinking good positive painless thoughts for you.


Sharon said...

So sorry about the tooth and the pain should be gone soon.
Congrats on "Morning Flight" getting an award. March will be a long month. smile
Heard good things about the Kerrville demo. Wish I could have been there.