Sadie, Karen Wagoner's granddaughter

I spent part of my day painting this small oil on 11"x 14" gessoed panel of little Sadie. Karen took the photo in December, I think. I'm not sure why my camera is emphasizing the yellows in this painting... at least on my monitor it seems so.
This was a fun project while I wait for the canvas to be delivered for my next painting. Thought it would come in today, but perhaps tomorrow.
Tomorrow (today) is my pastel class, marking one week before I do the portrait demonstration for the Kerrville Arts Club Tuesday the 20th. Jane Goosby has volunteered to be my subject that day. Should be much fun.
Nighty night, All!

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Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

Would have loved to have been in on that conversation. I've been on both and getting unsolicited critiques. I try to take the comments in stride (and even store them away for mulling over later) when I'm on the receiving end. When I'm giving it out, it's often not until later that I even realize that I may have offended the person and then regret sets in.
I'm waiting for canvases to arrive as well. Perhaps yours and mine are on the same slow train? :-)