Evening Comfort done!

Dad suggested the title "Unqualified Companions" for this painting. I like it a lot, but thought I'd choose a title for the mood vs the characters creating it, so "Evening Comfort," it is.
This took four days of painting pretty solidly. I'm rushing it (with the flower girl painting) to Adtech for them to make slides. The slides are due on Wednesday! Cross your fingers, folks.
Tomorrow I do the pastel portrait demonstration in Kerrville for the Kerrville Arts Club. Karen moved heaven and earth to find someone to teach her classes tomorrow and will go with me to run the video camera and be support. I'm so glad!
I've been watching Pollyanna and Swiss Family Robinson today on tv while I painted. Loved it. I remember seeing them in Collinsville, Oklahoma at the Crown theater when I was growing up. Movies cost 35 cents, if I recall correctly. Ok, so I'm old.
Off to shower and race the paintings to Adtech.......


Karen said...

Thirty-five cents? You are old! Just kidding, Susan. This is lovely. I am so proud of you!

Sally said...

Congratulations Susan on getting this done under the pressure of the clock...you've done a great job. The mood is definately one of serenity and I think the title Evening Comfort is best too. Love the one of little Sadie too. Great work.