Pastel classes going great!

Yesterday was the second pastel class and two other students have joined us. I'm so pleased by the great mix of people. Everyone is really working their hearts out. I leave those three hours completely energized. I should have taken photos of the work each is doing. I'll try to remember to do that next Tuesday. There's still room for two more people comfortably, four in a squeeze.
I entered three portraits in the Coppini show. What great talent is represented there at Coppini!
Today begins National Novel Writing Month. I'm defying the strong suggestion to start something new, and intend to finish what I started last year. I reread last year's efforts and feel a bit more ready to wade back in now.
Saturday I'll be at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens for the Fall Fest Art Show. I'll be doing the monochromatic oil portraits for folks who sit for them there, again for $40. in order to keep my sitter's chair filled and to get the practice at the quick oil portraits. Come keep me company or sit for a portrait!


Karen said...

so, do you think you could squeeze me in this time? Actually, here's hoping you're much too busy for me!

Susan Carlin said...

Honey, if you want to squeeze into the class, there's always room for you.