I'm all sunburned from my morning at the Rose Garden Elementary School today. What a blast!

I talked to hundreds and hundreds of third graders, 30 or so at a time, for twenty minutes each. My voice is a little rough because it was outdoors and it was right by Randolph Air Force Base and the jets were constant and low. I did more talking than painting but did manage to get the thing roughed in. I was painting from 9:30-12 noon. The photo of the still life set-up was taken at the end of that time, so the shadows are all different from the earlier morning when I'd sketched it in. I had a canopy, but if I'd been under it, I would have had no direct light source and been too far from the children to really talk with them. They were fabulous. Great questions, great comments. Sweet, earnest, interested faces. I was representing a "Fine Artist" in their annual Artisans' Fair where the kids are introduced to dance and theatre and music in the form of bands as well as individual musicians, potters, a caricaturist and a chorus. Wow.

Yesterday was my pastel class at the Coppini Academy. I so enjoy this group of people. Each one is really pushing forward. Haven't heard any whining whatsoever. Love it!

Tomorrow is the awards/reception at the Coppini for the current portrait show. I've been told I've gotten an award. Come have refreshments and see the great collection of portraiture represented! 7 pm. 115 Melrose Place.

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Karen said...

And don't forget--they loved your "orange hair" too!