Thanksgiving with the family

We're back from Phoenix (Sun City West) where the Carlin siblings collided at Mom and Dad's with our assorted entourages, children and significant others. It was wonderful.
I did a pastel portrait of Mom while there and my brother Clint took a movie of the process and sent a speeded-up version of it to me this morning. So fun to see the portrait happen in the course of a minute or two!
Now to walk off the extra pounds I came home with....


Anonymous said...

Loving your blog Susan!
You are so wondreful, Happy Holidays!

Susan Carlin said...

Hello anonymous!
Thank you very much whoever you are.
Care to reveal?

Karen said...

Well, I don't know who anonymous is, but I think you're pretty wonderful, myself.

Sharon said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!!