Karen's dog, Dinah.

This is a 12" x 12" oil painting on gallery-wrapped stretched canvas, so the deep sides are also painted with the continuation of the water. Dinah was a bit younger in this picture, playing in the Guadalupe river with her tennis ball.

I painted this yesterday while at the River Art Gallery in La Villita. It had been a long while since I got to "demo" while working there, so it was nice. Talked with a lot of people as they were coming in and leaving the gallery.

Today is our book group so we're busy putting the house in company-ready condition. So many art events lately have resulted in a bit of a pile-up. Thank goodness for Flylady.com for helping to keep my house functioning. Silly name, great service.


Karen said...

What a nice painting--and what a HANDSOME DOG!

Anonymous said...

Very cool Susan! This looks really nice, have not visited for about 9 months. You have a lot going on - woohoo! Keep up the great work, I love your stuff - especially the vibrant colors! Say hi to Morgan.
Steph in So Cal