Painting Day with Mary and Donna

I know I say it every month, but I love my paint day with these women.
I started a very large 24"x36" oil on canvas. Mainly I got the sketch done. Seven people, part of a wedding party at the entrance to La Villita. October 2005 I was leaving the River Art Show and saw this flower girl. I stopped and took several pictures of her and the folks behind her. I've pieced together my favorite images of each of those people as a grouping. There's a stone wall behind them and a brick path they're standing on. Very ambitious for me. If feel like I've walked off into thin air, actually.
Didn't go to Austin for the Austin Pastel Society meeting last night after all. I've taken on so much lately and my house had piled up. has helped so much in the keeping of my home, but I'd really slacked off this last week or so, with the new pastel class and all. It's better now. Not back to snuff, but better. Laundry and dishes are caught up and the table almost clear.
Now off to Mo's dr's appt and then patients in the early afternoon.


Karen said...

I have always suspected that you could walk on air. I think it will be lovely.

Susan Carlin said...

Aww, Karen. I sink up to my ankles on water, but air... haven't conquered that yet. XXX