NaNoWriMo sluggy start

Ok, I'm already behind. I spent the evening having dinner with my sister and Karen, talking with Jeff who came to pick up the booth grids for Brendy, listening to Karen's first words on her novel, reading "The Artist's Way," which stresses writing, but did I write? Some. I'm only 600+ words in and so already 1000 words behind.
Sigh. Today is clearer. No patients. No errands beyond getting gas and and oil change. So writing is what I'll do. Really.
No, really.


Jo Castillo (noblock99) said...

I have to post, just cause.... I can see your blog when you put up a new one now. :)

Hope you can be filled with words for your writing.


Susan Carlin said...

Bless you for that hope, my friend. I'm glad the changes made my blog more user/visitor friendly. Always great to find a comment by you. Susan