Start on a 12"x16" oil portrait of adorable girl

Sketch with thinned burnt umber.

Beginning to block in color.

Interior of subject mostly blocked in. My reference photo:

I will likely continue work on this portrait online, in between sessions on the larger portrait of Ailee. It's been nice working on this one here at the gallery today. Lots of nice people to talk with. There's a Soul Food Festival in the plaza outside my door, so the aromas are teasing and enticing. Mmmmm.


Diana Marshall said...

have been trying to follow your broadcasts but all I get is a very pixelated picture so I can't see what you are doing, will try again next broadcast. Lovely portrait as always!

L.Holm said...

beautiful! I love seeing how you adjust and get the color that you do. I have a technical question re: the working from the computer as reference...does the computer keep going into sleep mode, or do you have it set not to?

Shelley Bittick said...

Susan Carlin the human projector, you have the most fabulous eye for capturing your subject.

Marilyn Moore said...

You never cease to amaze me. It's like you see beyond the face into the soul.