Invisible progress

Any artist will tell you that you don't have to actually paint each day to have spent the day on your art. One's art can be moved forward by conversation or silence or by answering emails or by packing a painting or by making a bank deposit or by taking a walk or by leafing through a magazine or noticing an unusual color combination or by extending encouragement to another artist or by trying a new frame or by stocking up on supplies or by looking at 42 artists' blogs and commenting on the 43rd.
I made invisible progress today, so there isn't a photo to post. I'm guessing you made progress, too.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

I love this entry. Right on. I talked to an artist, designer, today who said 40% of our time should be spent on PR. Then you wonder -- when can we paint? But of course you do paint. The fact that you posted without an image liberates those of us who post every day to do the same
now and then. Good for you. I love your writing too, and I'm delighted that you still wrote. I am one of the artists who benefits greatly from your encouragement.

Thank you,


Ann Rogers said...

This is liberating! Invisible progress...I like that thought! There really is much time spent with your artwork without a brush in hand. Well put!

Theresa Rankin said...

Bravo and so much the truth...I probably do 40% work on website etc....and 60% paint. Thank you for entries...although I may not comment much I do read and really admire your work!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks for saying this - sometimes I forget. That "Oh I didn't do any art today..." really is hardly EVER true. We tend to spend truly unbalanced time...but all the while, there is a painting happening in our mind's eye and/or dreams.

Jo Castillo said...

Hi Susan, great post. Thanks for the reminders and encouragement.

Mary Bullock said...

Oh! I feel sooooooo much better now about all the distractions that take me away from actual painting - You are absolutely right - I get some of my best ideas during these distractions.

Susan Carlin said...

Boy Howdy (a phrase from my Okie childhood), did I ever have invisible progress this week! I spent a significant amount of time each day doing art-related activities, and haven't painted all week! I'm looking forward to the broadcast tonight because I've committed myself to paint then. Maybe I need to broadcast every day!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Susan,
You have given me a new way to address what I have been calling procrastination! Of course we artists do all the things you said. I am constantly working out a painting in me head while doing other art-related work or any other activity. What I have to watch out for is making sure I'm not doing it while driving. Love your dog portraits!

r garriott said...

A great post and so true. Every now and then I read about some artist who paints 12-15 hours a day, and I think, "Oh Really?" Who does paperwork/returns phone calls/pays bills/cleans up after/buys groceries/cooks meals/feeds/bathes/runs errands
for this remarkable person?

Thanks, Susan, for letting us off the hook today.