Workshop report

This is the little 6x6 pastel from yesterday. I've painted this scene before in oil somewhat larger and wondered if I could pull it off smaller.

This made me so happy to paint today. 10x8 pastel. It's of my Mom and Dad last May walking through Walmart looking for work gloves. A moment before they were holding hands, but by the time I got my camera out, this is what I saw. I moved them up a bit within the borders of the painting so I could paint the longer reflections of their legs.
This is the beginning of a 14x11 oil I started today. I'm working at simplifying shapes and softening edges, so wish me luck and wisdom in that effort.... I'm glad Desmond doesn't mind me working in oil. He says most of his workshops are offered to both oil and pastel painters, as I do in mine. I'm enjoying the company of the other artists this weekend. Hope you're having a good weekend, too!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

These are all amazing. How exciting.
I'm sure you could work in any medium you wanted. It's like art royalty is taking the workshop. All rise and bow before a wonderful artist! Susan Carlin!

xoxoxoBarbara said...

I like the couple going down the store aisle. Many painters ignore the contemporary not thinking in a few years it will be one of a handful of reminicent pieces of this time period.

Very nice painting.

Joshua Kadtke said...

Hey Susan,
Looks like the workshop has turned you into a powerhouse. All the paintings are fantastic!

Pattie Wall said...

I love all of these, but especially your mom and dad one. Looks like they are in a hurry - as we often are - trying to get to the correct aisle...your mom looking quickly at things as they pass. A nice story...