Spiritart Sarah Skype painting

10x8 oil on canvas panel

Well, that was extra fun. Sarah was a pleasure to paint. I had some sound and other technical glitches, and forgot to record when I finally got things up and running again, but otherwise, things went well. Ha!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Susan,

Sarah has that amused look you get on Skype. A lovely portrait. Aren't you


sarah auerbach said...

Hi there susan,love the portrait and i love spending time with you. You have such a wonderful loving and soothing energy.Im honored to know you. If you ever feel like yakking please feel free to skype me or email anytime. Thanks for being you
see you soon

Jo Castillo said...

Susan, this painting is great and sounds like you had fun and an interesting time. :) Sorry I missed this. Next time. See you later!

Mary spires said...

Susan, got to watch most of this one......it turn out wonderful, she's a cutie!!!! Hope you're having a wonderful time at the workshop.....