Finish of Samy's portrait

I finished the portrait of Samy today at the gallery. It was so good to paint again there. Before yesterday, it seems like it had been weeks.
Today there was a Festival of India in La Villita, in Maverick Plaza next to me. So I got to have a wonderful lunch of sag paneer and rice and was enjoying all the bright saris and the music... when suddenly a very loud rock band started up on the other side of the gallery in the garden of a restaurant there. On top of that, another South American band, complete with those great Pan flutes and xylophone-ish instruments started playing just on the other side of the church on my courtyard. Yikes! It was a great cacophony and I just had to breathe through it and focus on conversation with my visitors.
I know I've mentioned before how much I enjoy talking with the visitors to the gallery, but let me tell you again. This world is just chock full of the nicest people! I learned about Bernese Mountain dogs from a fun woman who is a dog show judge, met a wonderful woman who's a sculptor and lives in a nearby town, talked with several lapsed artists who left the gallery encouraged to practice their arts again in some way, talked with many, many parents who were on a Spring Break vacation with their children and talked with many children about their drawings. On top of that, I got to paint the last three hours of the day! Life is good.


Regina Calton Burchett said...

Yes, it is. And how great that you have the gift of knowing it - I imagine all of those people left your studio with a lift to their spirits!

Barbara Pask said...

Susan, This came out beautifully. They will love it. Sounds like a fun day, what a great area to work in. One day I will visit San Antonio.

Edward Burton said...

Wonderful painting, Susan - BEAUTIFUL job!

Jo Castillo said...

This is super and I know the happy feeling you get from being around you, so as Regina said they all left with a lift to their spirits.

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


Her face and body expression are in sintony, which contributes to a well balanced and pleasant artwork.

Kind regards,