Pamela Clarkson and I started painting the yellow on the door and window today. She knew how to smooth the window caulking with a credit card. I may not be charging my purchases at Macy's anymore, but it worked great. (Thank you, Pam!) I took this photo with my phone as I was leaving today.
It's going to take two or more coats tomorrow, too. I'm hoping we can also get the upholstery braid up around the top of the walls and paint the porch columns. Early Saturday morning, my friend Karen Wagoner and her angel of a husband, Don, are coming with their big ol' Texas pickup truck and are going to help me move the counter and fridge and microwave to the studio. There's a huge private party in La Villita Saturday evening and Mary Shepard and Pam and I have taken the challenge to be open in time for that. We don't have studio business cards yet, or numbered receipts, or permanent signs, but we'll be open, by golly!
If anyone feels like painting tomorrow, we'll be there at noon. Come on down!

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