Cool idea, great photos

Ok, you'd think I have nothing but time on my hands, since I'm posting another playtime entry. I do work, but I promise you I make time to play every day. Today I took a dancing lesson! Foxtrot, my darlings! Swing! My hips are ouchy now, but by golly I trotted and swung. Then I sat down in front of my computer and came across this cool idea of a blog. Every day these two women photographers each take a photo to illustrate a single word. On Saturdays they post a self portrait (Self Portrait Saturdays= SPS). Sundays are for showing off your best photo of the week. (Show Off Sunday = SOS). There are many links on their page to others who are following suit, so you can fill your eye with many, many terrific images there. I may try to play along now and then. We'll see. My best photo this week (not counting the one of the painting I finished, of course!) is of the front door of a fellow's house I went to last Sunday. The inside entry floor had 'tiles' of mesquite tree slices mortared in.

Another fun, lazier way to fill your eye with images is Blogger Play. You just watch a slide show of photos people have just posted to their blogs. I was watching around 2:30 am this morning when most of America is asleep and Asia is awake. The Asian images included a high volume of closeups of food, kind of like "this is what I ate tonight", and photographs of clothing, kind of like "this is what I'm wearing tomorrow." And many of groups of people posing together in front of thngs- places they were visiting. If you tune in during America's daytime, you see a lot of closeups of babies, children and pets and crafts. Both sides of the world post group shots of people partying, drinks in hand. It's fun to just let the images wash over you. You can click on any image and visit the blog it came from. There's a whole wonderful world out there.


Jo Castillo said...

I can't believe what we artists do in our down time. You didn't have to share the Blogger Play. A new place for me to squander time.

That floor and doorway of your friend's is amazing. Such an interesting and artful way to decorate.

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Jo- I'm sure I was one of hundreds of people asking if they could take photos of his entry. I love mosaics and this one was spectacular. Did you see the little candle votives set in on both sides? Cool.