Let there be FLOOR!

We have a FLOOR! A beautiful, beautiful floor. New threshold, baseboards.... Glory Halleluja, a floor. That's Mary Shepard posing with the floor up there at the top of this post. We went to our Artist's Way group tonight and passed around photos of the floor. What a beautiful word: floor.
The young men who installed the floor were big and sweet and polite. I got Ma'am-ed some. They did a great job, and they cleaned up after themselves! Bless 'em.
Now I need to finish off the top of the wall with something to cover the raw edges of the fabric. Crown molding, you say? What? Draw attention upward to the less-than-ideal acoustical tile drop ceiling? Nay, I say. I'm thinking upholstery braid in the same color as the wall. Mary dreamed this up. I like this dream. I'm going out hunting for 60 yards of dark brown upholstery braid tomorrow. Also wood putty for the the baseboard corners and nail holes. I'm thinking now to not paint the baseboards, but to varnish them. Verithane? Verily!
THEN.... we can move things in. Patients are going to discover that the counter in the chiropractic office has been appropriated for matters of art. How to get the big thing out of the clinic and downtown is a mystery at this point. It was built in the room it's in now. But it shall be done.
I'm happy tonight.


Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

How cool! Can't wait for the grand opening!!!

solopoesie said...


Jo Castillo said...

Hey, that can't be the same studio where we were painting! Much too nice!!!

Great job...