Painting (big brush and bucket kind!) with friends...

Want to hear something amazing? Jo Castillo and her husband, Gene, drove all the way to San Antonio from Bastrop to help me paint today. Can you believe that? Gene finished the ceiling and we painted the window and door trim white as well as the inside side of the door. We took the grill down from the window and painted it white, too. Much friendlier look now. Karen came down to join us after teaching her three classes at UTSA. She changed out the door knob with a much better version.
Thank you, Jo! Thank you, Gene! I'm completely humbled by your incredible brand of friendship.

Doesn't Jo have the best smile?


Jo Castillo said...

Oh my! We all look our best! Not! You are speedy on this blogging thing. We ended up stopping in San Marcos at Montana Mike's to eat. Larry was at work, so we didn't see him. It was a good day!

Gotta go post my photos, now.

solopoesie said...



Sogna sempre ! anche ad occhi aperti ...Sempre ....Sempre

"I sogni sono come le stelle...irraggiungibili

ma è bello sapere che sono lassù quando alzi gli occhi"
sono la porta
d'ingresso dei

desideri...solo attraverso questi si può conoscere l'infinito"

Nell'estremo limite del mondo dove il cielo si confonde con la terra c'è l'albero dei sogni
Ogni foglia e un sogno, che nasce dal ramo della vita,

cresce, si stacca con il vento d'autunno, scivola leggera a terra,
si ricompone ad essa , ritorna a farne parte.

Ogni sogno perduto parte di noi, della nostra storia,
una luce che guardando indietro riesci ancora a vedere, una stella che ha
guidato il tuo cammino.

L'importante e non fermarsi mai ci saranno altre stelle ed altri sogni, ma il sentiero si farà più sicuro,
la terra più solida, le nebbie del sogno acquisteranno consistenza e verità.

E quando arriverai infine all'albero saprai che valeva la pena anche

solo di .....sognare


Professor J said...

Jo and Gene are GOOD PEOPLE!

Joanna said...

"Doesn't Jo have the best smile?"

Yep...she does, she does!

solopoesie said...

Who ..... Still look at the world with the eyes of a child amazed
Who .............. Sa open their hearts to love ..
Who ... Unfolded its wings to discover new heavens and not satisfied the quiet life ...
Who knows .... listen to the words and even more silence ...
Who ..... Always has time for a hug ...
Who .... Experienced pain and for this reason loves life more ...
Who knows ... smile with eyes and hearts know why the price of tears ..... women like me, the first fairs of wrinkles because speak of a life lived full hands ... and men who know how to love for what they are ...
Who ... Has his heart wounded but never tires of travel to the island that is not ...
Who ........................ Has a crazy dream in the tray ...
Who ... No longer dreams but does not give up and try again ... and finally ...
Good day my prejudice souls ... That life is gentle with us and with the people you love ...