The wall covering in the new studio is UP!

This is right outside my gallery! San Antonio is a beautiful place.
Mary Shepard and I got the burlap on the walls today. Omigod, am I tired. I'm sure she is, too. Karen came to help this afternoon, too, after having taught three classes at UTSA. So she got good and worn out, as well.
FedEx delivered the burlap yesterday from Dick Blick, along with some great new frames. The ad for the burlap promised odor-free. Not so much, actually. I'm going to have to seal the stuff under some sort of clear coat. But golly, oh golly, does it look better than that ghastly peach-painted pegboard! The flooring gets installed tomorrow. Laminate on the diagonal. I need to figure out a trim board for the top of the walls, too, to cover the raw burlap tops.
The contractor is delivering the baseboards tomorrow, too, and I'm going to paint those so they'll be ready to install perhaps Thursday. I got my credit card machine and post office box keys today.
Signage is going to be a drawn-out process involving the Historical Review Board, since La Villita is historic property and all signs have to go through an exacting approval process. Maybe I'll make temporary signs for the interim.
Once the baseboards are in, I can bring down the counter and fridge and microwave and computer and easels and paintings. And then I can open! I'm not sure anyone is interested in the little pieces that are part of opening this gallery, but this serves partly as a way to record the process for myself, too. "How the dream came true!"


Jo Castillo said...

And, doesn't that look nice. Bet you are beat! Doesn't the smell go away? We used to buy alpaca and llama sweaters and they smelled when wet, but were fine after airing out. Hmmm.

Great job at any rate!

Susan Carlin said...

Jo, I'm hoping for this very thing. I'm going to let it "air out" for a few days and if it still smells even a bit next week, I'll be taking paintings off the walls and sealing it under something clear. So there! Cross your fingers that this won't be necessary, ok?