Second progress of Dad N' Daughters

I got to paint a little bit today and just deepened some values and modeled the faces some. Thought I'd post the progress. Tomorrow is my always-wonderful, once-a-month painting day with Donna Good and Mary Shepard, so I'm hoping to have lots of progress to show tomorrow night. Tomorrow evening is the second meeting of my painting class here at my home studio, too. We have a fourth person joining us this time. Today I had my Tuesday class here, too. Love that commute: One step through a door.
Tonight it's Biggest Loser and time with family.

I love painting. Does it show?

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Jo Castillo said...

This is coming together and looking good. You amaze me on the speed of your work. Well, not sure how to say what I mean. I guess you work fast and with confidence and it shows as fresh and beautiful.