Progress on Dad N' Daughters

Great day. I love spending time with Donna and Mary. Today we were out at Mary's gorgeous place in the Texas Hill Country. She and her husband Lee had really put in some effort on the garden around the house, especially the area that the studio looks out over. Hummingbirds, cardinals, a blooming bird of paradise which is blooming for the first time in the 20 years she's had it, purple dahlias so beautiful it made you gasp, pink roses so lush, a dinner plate hibiscus a foot in diameter.... wonderful. Then we talked. And talked. And told what's new in the last month, spoke of spiritual ideas, entreprenurial ideas, paint colors, family happenings. It's always good. Oh yeah, and we painted. I got quite a bit done on this painting. Still tons more to do.
Then I came home to treat a patient and then get the studio ready for my evening class. I'm impressed by how hard these folks work to learn. I respect that a lot. They each moved forward in some obvious way. Very exciting for me.
Now that class is over, we're having berry margaritas and telling about our days. Thought I'd take a moment and post this progress.
Sweet dreams, ya'll.

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