No Really. I'm finished.

Ok, I'm going to stop now. I thought I'd finished at 2:15 when it dawned on me I needed to be at the Coppini to watch my friend Kim Roberti do a demo for the membership meeting. (I broke a few traffic laws to get there.) But when I came home I had an email from a good friend and sister artist, Jo Castillo, who made a suggestion about the leaves of the little bouquets the women were carrying. Bless you, Jo! I quickly made some additions and have declared the thing DONE. These photos really punch up the blue. The dress isn't really quite so blue, I promise you.
Next painting is a commissioned one of a Dad flanked by his two grown daughters. I'll be diving in tomorrow.
Have a nice Sunday evening, ya'll. It's the finale of The 4400 for me, and we'll tape the Mystery movie on PBS tonight... an Inspector Lynley story. Already started on a glass of wine, and the chicken stirfry is almost done. Lovely.


Jo Castillo said...

Such a lovely painting, Susan. You should be so proud of it. We will be waiting to see the commission, too.

The Mystery was good. I love those PBS mysteries. You will enjoy it.

Thanks for the kind words,

alex kaplan said...

It is nice.It is resembles immpressionists