More "Dad N' Daughters "

I got to work on this only a couple of hours today, but am pleased with warming the dad's expression some, using a different photo for help with that. Still a lot of work to do on the clothing and background, but am hoping to finish up tomorrow sometime.

Hey, Ya'll! I need a title for the wedding painting. I was thinking of "Dreamer," but wanted to use the Spanish word. I think it's Sonador, but also found Tarabilla in the Spanish-to-English online dictionary. Looked like Sonador was the male version, and the female was Tarabilla. Does anyone know?

Tomorrow I'll be entering the wedding painting, plus two others, an oil portrait of a little girl holding her dad's finger- 'Holding On', and a pastel of a yucca plant landscape- 'Desert Dancers' in Coppini's Fall Exhibition, so need a title SOON!

Have a nice Saturday night, All.

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