Two commissions out, New one of two IN.

I framed these Thursday evening and they were picked up on Friday. Everything about that commission was pleasurable. The people were lovely, inside and out, the painting went well and they were very pleased. It's the model for all future commissions.
Yesterday I met with a sweet, beautiful woman and her adorable almost-twelve-year-old son to begin a commissioned oil portrait of the two of them. It will be 18" x 24" and mostly done from a studio photo she has. There will be a few changes of color... her jacket and background all blend together in the photo to make it appear as if she's disembodied.. and the direction of her gaze will be changed from a left gaze to directly at the viewer to match her son's gaze. We're also leaving out her hand on her son's shoulder. I'll post progress images as I go.
I'm still suffering a bit on the decision over a new painting (as yet not begun) for the Austin Pastel Society's annual exhibition. The digital image of the finished painting must be sent by this Friday. Out of character, I'm leaning a bit toward a landscape. It's more a close-up of a desert plant (will have to find out its name) with a canyon landscape in its background. I'm so attracted by the composition and value contrasts. And maybe by the challenge.


Karen said...

I really like this formal look, Susan--it's rich.

HMBT said...

wow! Your work inspires me so much I love these paintings, how lucky they were to have found you.