Pastel Class Heroes

I love these folks. I swear every time Tuesday rolls around they work their hearts out pushing themselves a bit further with their art skills. It's a pleasure to be their instructor/cheering section. I thought you all might like a peek in on who I get to spend my Tuesdays with. Three worked from a still life I set up on the floor so they could get that bird's eye view that's so fun to do. Three worked on portraits. Joan is a dedicated landscape painter, our only one in the class right now. Trust me, we're a lively, silly, hardworking, opinionated, positive group, and we get to collide once a week for three hours of making the pastel dust fly.

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Karen said...

Well, that's a fine looking bunch of people if ever I saw one. You are a good teacher, Susan. I'm always grateful that we get to share that joy.