Renewed Enthusiasm!

Since participating in artist Sara Eyestone's workshop a little over a week ago, it feels as though my path is clearer and my vision more focused. I have a busy year ahead doing the things necessary to reflect that vision in my career as a painter. It's still thrilling to experience how quickly the universe responds when you finally decide something.
I'll be revamping my website, creating marketing materials, painting more formal portraits and figural paintings and raising my prices. It's about time, don't you think? Some of you have been fussing at me for a long time about that.
2007 looks like a good year from here.
1) I'm teaching an ongoing pastel class to a great group of artists at the Coppini Academy on Tuesdays. There's room for one or two more in the class if you're interested in playing in all that color with us.
2) I'm taking portrait commissions - anything from fast and loose and relatively inexpensive, to precise and polished, destined for the place of honor over the mantel and to be passed down through generations. Fees are going up later this year, so this is the best time to put your deposit in.
3) I love comments and email! Sure would love to hear from you. Please let me know you came by!


Jo Castillo said...

Susan, it is great how your art is progressing and you are growing. I'm pleased to know a soon to be famous artist. Well, more famous.


Karen said...

I continue to be proud of you, Susan. Here's to the future (raising my coffee cup)!

brendy said...

I know you have a sister in the biz, but just in case she's busy, I'm available to work on your site for a reasonable rate. :)

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, sweet friends. I appreciate the kindness, especially when I deserve more of an "It's about time!" kind of response.
I'll get with you, Brendy, about that website offer!