I'm calling Desert Dancers done!

Ahhhh! I like how this painting has the zig-zag visual trail through it, with the blooms dancing above it all. There's an interesting mix of detailed and only-suggested elements, too.
Did you know you can see any of these images much larger just by clicking on them? (Just in case you want to zoom in on some part of it.)
I have a patient in a few minutes and then I'm going walking with both my Karens. We do a four mile walk once or twice a week. This will be our second, plus Karen W. and I went a third time for 2 and a half miles on Tuesday. My body craves the walking and I'm grateful for the company.
Next painting.... the 18"x 24" oil portrait of the beautiful mother and her cutie-pie son. Will keep you posted.


HMBT said...

This is fantastic! The plant looks like a Yucca to me, in bloom of course, and the work is wonderful and rich!

Sharon said...

Wonderful, as usual!

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you so much! I somehow have gone through the long weekend without painting anything. After the good, long marketing workshop on Saturday I can't seem to get enough sleep. Will post something soon. Pastel class tomorrow!

Elisabeth Cottier-Fábián said...

Dear Susan,


Please- keep us informed about it. I really love it very much. It's not often, here in Paris, that one meets with such beautiful pastel work. Congratulations.

Back soon, I hope--