Self portrait in pastel

This is a small 9"x12" pastel on Art Spectrum's Colourfix sanded surface. I did this at the Coppini Academy where I teach a pastel class on Tuesdays. It was right after New Year's and only one student knew we had class that day, so I had lots of time to work on this. It was the first time I'd worked from a mirror in ages, and I enjoyed it.

I'm still working on the landscape painting for the Austin Pastel Society's deadline of Friday. Will try to post another progress image later today.

I bought a new kind of canvas for the oil portrait I'm beginning this weekend. It's made for watercolor on canvas, but the only difference is that it's a very finer weave cotton, which should result in a nicer portrait.
I love it when you leave me comments. Please do!


Jo Castillo said...

Don't you just know when things work? Your self portraits are so good (I was going to say cute, is that appropriate?). Is it your coloring or the touch of the fine artist? Fine stuff.

Your page has a new nice sleek look as well.


Susan Carlin said...

Thanks, Jo. I don't mind at all you saying I look cute! I can live off something like that for days!
See you at the APS meeting this month?