Award and Painting of ceramic pot and stones

This is a 9"x12" oil painting on panel which I did today while 'working' at River Art Gallery. I may work on it a bit more tomorrow when I can look at it again fresh.

The photos of me were taken by a visitor to the gallery named Rosemary. She emailed them to me this evening. Thanks, Rosemary!

I came home to find a postcard from the San Antonio Art League saying my painting, "Caldo" not only was accepted into the show, but has won an award of some kind. Way cool! Wah HOOOO!

Back to the painting of the pot and stones- I managed to get my paints, palette, brushes, table easel and panels down to RAG, but forgot to bring a photo of something to paint. So I scoured the gallery for something to paint and came up with this glazed pot, three river stones from the jewelry case, and a blue towel I'd used to wrap my paintings in for transport. I set up on the porch in the most perfect weather. Tourists from Vermont were walking around in thongs and short shorts grinning ear to ear and looking like cats who'd eaten canaries. I love the other artists I work with on my one-day-a-month down there. All hail to Donna, Kathleen and Tina! We missed you today, Mary!

Raced home for the Valley Forge Residents Association meeting and then home to watch American Idol and Amazing Race. Ain't life grand?

Leave me a message if you will, please!


brendy said...

I like that painting. Have you been selling anything on ebay lately?

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Brendy! No, not since December. Took some time to figure out my next move. This pot and stones painting looks like something I should put on eBay, though, don't you think? -Susan

Linda Calvert Jacobson said...

Congratulations on "Caldo" getting accepted and the award!!! You are on fire, girlfriend.