Caldo delivered!

Becky came down from New Braunfels with her three entries to the San Antonio Art League exhibition, picked me and my solitary entry up and drove us down to King William Street to deliver the paintings. Ahhhh....... So glad to have that done.
Now that Caldo's done I can start on the first of the Lincolns and the portrait of the two beautiful children. Their mom came in yesterday with her newest child, Kyler, also just a stunningly beautiful baby at 8 weeks old.
I must've picked up some stomach bug. Haven't eaten today. The idea of food makes me nauseous. Thank goodness THAT doesn't happen very often. I've got the achey muscles and marked fatigue that goes along with flu but I don't want to concede the point.
Back to bed.....


Anonymous said...

Both Morning Flight and Caldo ae wonderful! The complexity of Morning Flight is amazing to me as non painter.

Susan Carlin said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I'm pretty amazed, too, to tell the truth. I look at it (Morning Flight) now and marvel. Thank you for noticing, whoever you are!