This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon. I set this up yesterday and then started in on it this afternoon. My friend Sherrie is coming over after her dinner to paint with me. Guess we'll set up something new. I had intended loose. It got tighter and tighter as I went along. Ah, well. I like it, anyway. I got out my Mont Blanc fountain pen a couple of days ago and spent over an hour getting the old dried ink out and new ink in. Wrote a couple of letters just to feel the luxury of it again. It's a lot of trouble- getting the right flow, dealing with the skips, etc., but there's nothing like the line a fountain pen makes.
I'm having a real issue with putting objects right smack in the middle of a painting. I mean to not do that.... really, I think about it. But here's a painting with the ginger jar smack in Kansas. By Golly, the next painting will have no centered objects! So there.

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