Photo from demo in Austin

Jo Castillo sent me images and little .avi movies of my demo in Austin last month. Thank you, Jo! I like this one.

Friday I drove up to Marble Falls with Diane Manousos to spend the day painting with Kim Roberti, Donna Bland and Patricia Lyle. I worked on the portrait of the two beautiful children. Got a good start on it, I think. Getting real talk time with Diane was great. Kim played a DVD for us of John Asaro's work. It was my first introduction to his paintings. Wow. She let me borrow the DVD, her book of his paintings and her book of Dan McCaw's paintings. I've been swimming in the images and feeling the knobs turning in my mind, focusing a little keener on my own ideas. I'm like the kid in the Disney commercial who says, "I'm too excited to sleep." If I didn't need to drive up to Austin tomorrow to take the paintings to hang for this year's exhibition, I'd be squeezing big piles of paint out on my palette right now. But I'm going to go try to sleep some and get started on something tomorrow afternoon when I get back.

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