two finishes

I think I'm done with the commissioned kitty. Waiting to hear from the buyer about whether the chair is ok. Since the evening was still young, I tracked down the reference photos I took when it was clear I couldn't finish up the one of the interior in the amount of time we had, and revisited Libby's nice living room perched high up over the Hill Country. The drive to Ingram and back today was nice. One of the staff asked if I might consider teaching a workshop out there this year. Nice facility! I'll try to put together a proposal for them and see what happens. I sold a small painting at River Art Gallery on Tuesday while I was working there. Very nice. Love those gals I work with.
Have a great New Year's eve!


brendy said...

What painting did you sell at RAG? I always look for your pieces when I work there. I don't remember seeing any last time. Congratulations!


Susan Carlin said...

Hi Brendy! I took two in the day I worked and sold one. The one I called Lemons In Copper. 5x7 in pastel on sanded paper with very large gold frame. I love seeing yours there, too.